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Condition Surveys

A condition survey is a report that summarises the condition of a building.

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A condition survey is a very helpful tool to manage costs as there is nothing worse than started a project and uncovering certain damages that were unforeseen and really hike up the price of a construction project.
The Process
1 – Once you request a survey we will have a consultation of your situation to determine where to survey and if we need access to neighbouring properties etc.
2 – We agree a price and contracts are signed.
3 – A suitable time and day to survey is arranged.
4 – Conduct survey on site/ at neighbours property (if required).
5 – Produce condition report with photographs.
6 – Finally we will send you a condition report, signed and dated.

  • A Surveyor Will Visit The Property And Methodically Examine The Building
  • They Will Be Looking Out For Any Damages and Defects and Suggest Methods To Repair The Building And Highlight Possible Risks.

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