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2021- An Exciting Year Ahead For Builders and Trades

It’s an apprehensive time for people across the UK. Even with the Coronavirus vaccine on the way, thousands of businesses across the country are wondering whether their companies will survive in 2021 and millions of people on furlough unsure if they will have a job to go back to later in the year.


If you own a building or trades company, you may wonder how the industry will be affected and what difficulties you may experience this year. Will clients want to pay out for building works with uncertain times ahead?


In this article, we are going to look at-


Why the construction industry is at an advantage?

How to market your business in 2021


Why the construction industry is at an advantage?


There are many industries that have been negatively impacted due to the pandemic. From airlines, entertainment, oil, car manufacturers, transport, gyms and beauty. You name it, they have been affected. It only seems to be supermarkets, pharmaceutical companies and the likes of Amazon and Zoom that are really booming right now.


However, construction is at a good advantage compared to these other struggling industries that are forced to shut down and can’t forecast their future as they have no idea whether they will be open or not. Even in the strictest lock downs, the construction industry was generally able to continue, since we cannot work from home.


What will people’s buying trends be next year? It’s not going to be holidays, eating out, buying high heel shoes. Not for the first part of the year anyway until confidence is restored. What are most people going to be doing? They will be at home. They will be working from home, spending weekends at home. Many people will realise they want more space and they are going to be spending much more time in the garden.


This opens the opportunities for house extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions, garage conversions, modernising and refurbishing and jobs in the garden, like garden rooms, decking, patio’s etc


Companies will be doing everything they can to survive as they have been in 2020 so many will need refurbishments in order to meet social distancing regulations, pubs and restaurants will be creating open air pods to eat or drink in, other companies will need to expand their offices to meet the social distance rules.


Now you might say that is all well and good saying people need this but your phone has gone quiet, you are not getting phone calls for these quotes.


If that is the case, it’s likely your marketing strategy isn’t effective. Your potential customers don’t realise yet that these are things they want and need. So how can you adapt your marketing?


How to market your business is 2021


Do your customers realise that they need your product?


Let’s take for example a lady that we will call Mary who is following your Facebook page.


You are a builder specialising in loft conversions and extensions called Bob’s Builders


Mary lives with her husband and two teenagers in a 3-bedroom house. They had considered having the loft converted before but were not really bothered as they each had a bedroom. Mary is fed up with this pandemic, it is wearing her down. Both her and her husband work from home now since the pandemic. Her husband has set up a desk and office space in the corner of their bedroom and she takes her laptop and works on the sofa. When the kids are off school its really difficult as they are lounging around and noisy, it’s all getting too much now.


Mary may not have even considered a loft conversion at this point. But it’s what she needs. A loft conversion will be the solution to her problem.


Now if you then put a post on Facebook with your logo as the pictures and said…


Would you like to have a loft conversion? If so get in touch today for a quote.


Do you think that would stir Mary to call? Do you think an ad like that would make Mary think that she needs a loft conversion?


Now how about this ad with an image of a happy family or couple using their loft conversion or a video or slideshow of beautiful loft conversions.


Are you feeling trapped in your home with a lack of space? You never realised that your bedroom would also become a home office and it’s very cramped.

Do you wish you could just find a room with space in your house and close the door for five minutes to get some space?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a loft conversion.


A loft conversion will give you the additional space that you need in your house right now.

You could have a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom that will give you some space and privacy in your home, or perhaps you want to make the loft your design studio or home office or perhaps a playroom for the kids.


Whatever it is you need the space for, a loft conversion is the best solution for you.

Get in touch today on xxx to organise your free, non-obligatory quotation.


Do you think this might get Mary thinking she needs a loft conversion?


Whatever service/product you are offering, you need to think of the problems your customers are having and how your product can provide the solution to the problem. Then when marketing this, you highlight and remind your customer of the problem that they are having but then you can provide the solution. Try and use descriptive words and great images/videos so the customer can really visualise themselves with your product/service.


In the case of Mary, she wasn’t even considering a loft conversion, but she wanted a solution to her problem that was getting her down but by just scrolling through Facebook, the next thing she knows she is organising a quote for a loft conversion. This is how marketing can be so successful.


Do you know your buyer personas? Do you know what problems your customers are having and are you clearly showing how your product/service will solve their problem. Are the customers able to find you easily online and on social media?


It’s time to really evaluate your marketing strategy and see if you are ready to have a successful 2021




There is no doubt about it, 2021 will be a tough year for many businesses but it does not have to be the case for you. Construction is full of opportunities and your attitude, along with your marketing strategies will determine whether you win big or lose badly in 2021.


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